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Animated Neutron ScanThis technique is based on the unique moderating effect that hydrogen atoms have on the energy level of neutrons.  Simply put - a source of high energy neutrons is placed against the vessel.  Hydrogen atoms inside moderate these to low energy or thermal neutrons which can be readily measured with sensitive detectors.

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Exploiting this property is extremely useful in that access need only be to one side of the vessel.  This makes it very quick.  It is also accurate with a tolerance typically ±1 inch.

The neutron backscatter technique not only determines liquid/vapor and solid vapor interfaces, but also in some instances, successfully locates liquid/liquid and liquid/solid interfaces.  Typical applications include:

            Neutron Level Measurement
  • Determining liquid in distillation column downcomers and draw pans
  • Level measurements during service or repair of installed gages.
  • Calibration of nucleonic or conventional level gages on storage tanks, spheres, and tank cars.
  • Measurements of levels in vessels not requiring monitoring such as knock out pots and heat exchanger shells
  • Locating sludge levels in the bottom of tanks

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