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NSS offers a simple and convenient leak test kit which assures you of the integrity of your sealed sources, and allows you to cheaply meet regulatory requirements for leak testing sealed sources. 

Leak test kits NSS-1 and NSS-10 come complete with instructions, test wipes, and a resealable plastic bag.  Tests take only minutes for you to perform. 

Returned kits are immediately entered into our tracking system and normally assayed within 24 hours.  Our sensitive analysis equipment is calibrated to detect leakage at least 100 times lower than the regulatory limit. 

Assay certificates are issued for each source showing less than 0.005 µCi. of removable activity.  You will be contacted immediately by phone should the removable activity exceed the regulatory limit. 

NSS utilizes computer tracking and maintaining an assay results database, but prefers to individually handle and process each test kit to ensure quality processing. 

Once a source is in our tracking system, a pre labeled test kit will go out to you automatically one month prior to its next leak test due date.  You pay for the kit only when used and returned. 

Test kits are very inexpensive, even for small quantities.  And phone calls are always on us at  1-800-933-5199 

Also available: 
Customized analysis reports for customers with many sources.  Experienced field personnel to perform tests for you.

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